Asian Inspired Pokies For You To Enjoy

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Take a trip to the exotic with these games that will have you saying konnichiwa (Japanese for hello) in no time. With themes and symbols such as the samurai, tiger and dragons, you have come to the right place to get your Oriental fix, with these machines that are sure to pay out to the determined player. Famous cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo will whirl past at the speed of the slots, as you use the precision timing of Japanese technology to carefully pick your playing lines and make your bet placements, all in the name and honour of taking home a vast fortune of glittering glory. Witness the beauty of a giant panda up close, or the magnificence of golden tiger in full flight, as you game your way to outstanding success and Asian glory. For Australian players it is all only a short plane ride away, or in the case of our online casino, only a split second away. Due to our user friendly playing conditions such as no sign ups and no registration, you’ll be granted instant unlimited access to our Oriental pokie slots online immediately! So come join us in Asia where the fun times and the winning never ends.