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Calling all Aussie superheroes, the time has come for you to don your superhero outfits and costumes and prepare to wage war with these online gaming machines that feature superhero symbols and backgrounds. Taken straight from the pages of a comic book, your battle to relieve these machines of all of their loot will no doubt be epic, and your fame and skill will become legendary when your strike the jackpot that lies inside! By using your guile and wit you can plan out a strategy that will no doubt lead to sure-fire success, and by choosing the right lines and placing some carefully crafted bets, the superhero universe will be yours for the taking! Whether you’re fan of DC Comics or Marvel Comics, it doesn’t really matter, as we’re sure that plenty of your favourites will be on hand to ensure that victory will be yours. Our online comic casino is certainly superhero friendly, and when you play a free comics pokie slots game with us, you are guaranteed the best of conditions. Starting with a no downloads – no registration policy, you can power your way to instant play with the click of a mouse button. It really is as easy as that! So suit up and spring into action with our totally awesome comic pokie slots.