Farm Animal Slots Come Alive Right Here

Animal Farm Pokie Slots Machines Will Get You Moo-ving!

Head on down to the farm with this gathering of animals that are sure to put you in a good moo-d. Pat an animal while you play the slots, with symbols that feature a collection of everybody’s favourites. Chicken’s, cows, goats and pigs will all be along for the ride, as you play the lines and place the bets that will lead you to success! Just like a cowboy out on the ranches, you can ride the ranges of riches to make your fortune and glory, collecting up the coins and notes that you win along the way. Aussie farmers will feel right at home here in our online casino, as we run a very accommodating system. With no email registration required and no downloads either, you can free play your way to online millions and millions. Throw in the fact that there is also no deposit required and you will be playing in a no limit game, and we think that you will really be satisfied. In fact when you play farm pokie slots online with us, you will be as happy as a pig in mud! So put on your overalls and hit the barnyard for some good old fashioned farm loving fun.