Slot Machine Insects Await You Online

Play Insect Pokie Slots Machines For Free

Get back to the Australian nature with these insect pokie slots machines online. The creepy crawlies will be out and about and on a mission to win you a game or two. Why go it alone when these little bugs have more legs and arms then you can count on two hands?! You’ll be buzzing like a bee and clicking like a cricket with our fun loving freewheeling slots. No need to slap that mosquito down as he’s buzzing around – he is here to help you win and to help you win big! Cruise like a caterpillar through the different free play options and select how much stake you want to make, and how much cash you want to take. The beetle and scarab will march as one towards your destination – happy good time slot play. All our games take place in browser, so you don’t need to download a thing. Just sit back, relax, catch a few coins and catch a few flies. Dollars will fall from the sky like spiders on a string, while the praying mantis will say a few words to the gambling gods on your behalf. An army of ant’s marches for you so don’t say nay, jump online and play our insect slots today!