Big Big Fun With Japanese Pokie Slots Machines

The Australian – Japan alliance will come together as one in these oriental themed fun machines. All your usual options and standards of play are available here, with the added bonus of some super cool graphics along for the ride as well. From the alluring glance of a geisha, to the heat of the hottest wasabi, these games possess a karate kick or two! Go full stealth ninja with these japanese pokie slots machines online, fighting it out with sword and samurai in your bid to take out the top prize. Head on over to the dojo where the revered sumo await you for a bout of slot wrestling, with the winner taking all of the pokie machine glory! When you’re day is done, settle down underneath the beautiful Sakura (cherry blossom) trees and sample a bit of everyone’s favourite fast food – sushi and sashimi! This trip to Japan is totally hassle free and yours to enjoy and play now. There are no installation requirements and no deposit is needed for you to visit the land of the rising sun. It’s all been designed for you to enjoy yourself. So pack your bags, say sayonara to boredom and konnichiwa to fun, with our Japanese themed online slot machines.