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The un-dead will come alive with these online gaming slots with a zombie theme. Get creeped out by ghouls as you try to steal their cash, while also trying to prevent them from biting you! Aussie evil lovers will get a kick out these symbols of the walking dead, and the look of horror on their faces will be priceless when you rid them of all their zombie money. Enter the fun zone with multiple lines and multiple bets, and take a walk through the cemetery of the dead, and alive! Your blood will curdle as you silently scream your way through the winnings, and you will live forever through unlimited gameplay and zombie loving fun. Ghastly gamers can play our machines online and for free, and without the need to register or download any programs on to your computer. Just click on the game and you are instantly transported to the twilight zone. When you instant play zombie pokie slots machines for fun, you are making a pact with the dark side to make an attempt to win as often and as much as possible. We wish you good luck on your quest, and make sure not to let a zombie bite you along the way!